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The Spanish Society of Analytical Psychology (SEPA) is a member of the Spanish Federation of Psychotherapeutic Associations, meaning that our members, depending on their individual situation, may be accredited psychotherapists. It is also the only society across Spain that is recognised by the International Association for Analytical Psychology (IAAP) as a society for training Jungian analysts.

  • Presidency: Isabel Uribe Visiedo
  • Vice Presidency I (Training): Carles Ventura
  • Vice Presidency II (Diffusion): Concha Pazo
  • Secretary: Cristina Chiva Lozano
  • Treasury: Esperanza Pérez Pleguezuelo

Every three years the above positions are renewed by a democratic election in the General Assembly of Members.

The objective of the Board of Directors is to manage the Society’s activities. These activities include:

  1. The diffusion of theory and analytical practice.
  2. The training of new analysts.
  3. The on-going education of analysts.
  4. Analytical research.
  5. The collaboration with other groups and institutions that are interested in Analytical Psychology.

To achieve this it is equipped with:

  • An Education Commission formed by five didactic analysts which ensure that the society offers the correct training and adequate supervision to aspiring analysts in their analytical practice.
  • A Diffusion Commission that is in charge of communicating the Society’s work and that of its members.
  • An Ethical Committee, formed by three didactic members that safeguard the smooth operation of the Society in accordance with its code of ethics.
  • A Circle of Analysts that promotes the continued training of our professionals.