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SEPA is the Spanish Jungian Society, a non-profit organisation, responsible for the diffusion and development of Analytical Psychology.

It is the first authorized training centre for Analysts in Spain that is recognized by the International Association for Analytical Psychology (IAAP). It was given its recognition at the International Congress of Analytical Psychology in Chicago in 1992. In addition, SEPA’s Training Programme is recognised by the Spanish Federation of Psychotherapeutic Associations (FEAP).

Its main objective is to carry out its work in accordance with the theory developed by Carl Gustav Jung (1875- 1961) throughout his life’s work, along with that of post-Jungian authors. C.G. Jung was one of the scientists that recognised the existence of the unconscious and for this reason, was one of the founders in forming the base of Psychoanalysis and Depth Psychology.

Analytical Psychology

Numerous terms that are integrated into our culture and used in our everyday language come from the Analytical Psychology framework: complex, archetype, individuation, extravert, introvert, shadow, anima, animus, personal unconscious, collective unconscious, one’s self. Through his own experience of having to confront the unconscious, Carl Gustav Jung, creator of Analytical Psychology, was forced to address the distressing question of what the meaning of life from the reality of a psychiatric hospital.

Through symbols we pay attention to the content and expression of the unconscious that manifests itself via certain behaviours, reactions, as well as psychic and somatic symptoms.

As a theoretic framework, Analytical Psychology constitutes the basis for the creation of psychotherapeutic techniques of great effectiveness. Its method consists of facilitating or reinforcing the subject in allowing the unconscious to emerge, take it into consideration, confront it and evaluate it, which favours the consciousness of the self and a fuller meaning of life.

“The noblest task of the individual is becoming conscious of oneself.”