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Given the need to exchange opinions, share our professional vision, delve into the theory of Jungian psychology, consider clinical cases in order to open and expand our vision and, of course, to establish links between us of collaboration, unity and harmony, we created the Junguian Circle.

The mood of the meetings is that of an informal meeting between “workmates”. It is a space to share the comings and goings of the complexities of Jung’s theory, dream analysis, current issues, and all that is related to the individuation process. Step by step we see it yielding fruitful results and energizing our society and our profession.

At present, the Circle’s meetings are held on the afternoon of the day of our society’s assembly.

In have had several meetings in which we have debated and looked in depth at a range of topics:

  1. Anima-animus and all of its derivatives and implications that the term brings with it: sexual identity, couple relationships, creativity, the relationship with one’s unconscious, oneiric figures in dreams, masculinity-femininity, etc.
  2. Jung and his position during national socialism.
  3. Relationship between the psyche and the natural environment. An aspect that is explored in the article: “Reflecting on the Tower of Bollingen. Habitat and psyche”.
  4. Religion and multiculturalism.
  5. Active imagination.
  6. Experiential work through the body, guided by Carmen Martín Cuadrado. The working group comprised several analysts (the day after the March assembly). El objective was to irrationally readdress the possibilities; first by expressing our identity through movement, paint and drawings. After that, we worked with the diversity among us to discover what it is that separates us and we cannot accept; and / or what we have in common and what unifies us. We shared this later. The session was gratifying, proving to be a practical tool, complimentary of our daily work.