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The Spanish Society of Analytical Psychology is the only existing society in Spain that is authorised to train analysts with a Jungian orientation. Its international recognition is determined by its membership to the IAAP (International Association for Analytical Psychology), the organisation that is made up of professionals involved in the practice of analytical psychology and offers worldwide accreditation to specialists in this field of psychology.

The training that SEPA offers to its candidates is inspired by the programme that Jung supported when the C.G. Jung Institute Zürich was formed in 1950. The methodological focus and the basic direction of the training, selection process and orientation of the candidates are coherent with the original idea.

It is well known that Jung was not in favour of institutionalising the Jungian model, which was practiced informally in the Psychology Club Zürich since 1916. This was more like an exchange of experiences, a debate group looking to explore the collective unconscious that was formed and remained in place upon request from the first professionals Jung analysed. Among the participants were Marie Louise von Franz, Emma Jung, Jolande Jacobi, Toni Wolff, Aniela Jaffé, Esther Harding and many other internationally renound names.

Another place where the ideas of Psychological Analysis prospered was at the Eranos conferences in Ascona, Switzerland; by assisting regularly between 1933 and 1951, Jung left his personal mark on these. His presence encouraged international participation and a multidisciplinary dialogue from speakers and attendees.

Finally, when Jung was 73 years old, he agreed to the creation of the Zürich Institute, which was later opened incorporating his name, something that to begin with Jung did not like. Finally, he became heavily involved in the study plan, also accepting Presidency, conscious of the need of the analysts of the school to gain recognition in the scientific community. The most important members on the board of directors were Jolande Jacobi, Carl A Meier, Liliane Frey-Rohn and Kurt Binswanger, as well as secretary Aniela Jaffé.

In 1955 the IAAP was formed, of which Jung was Honorary President. Its objective is to promote the study and the diffusion of Analytical Psychology, maintaining a high level of training, practice and ethical conduct as well as contributing to the development of Analytical Psychology.

In Spain, SEPA’s objective is to be faithful to this approach and contribute to its development.